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A movie about the life of a fishing bait. It starts with hooking the bait and the preparation process. Then the bait is placed in the water waiting for the predators. Finally the bait engulfs the predators, and gets off the hooks victoriously.
Queensnake inseminates herself with an army of rubber insexts. Feeling pregnant enough, she implants her spawns into Tanita's vagina, alien queen style. Then she makes sure they cannot escape the safety of Tanita's womb.
That was Nazryana's hardest BDSM experience so far. Queensnake used her buttocks, belly and tits to practice some body drawing and staple launcher shooting. Then she took a violet wand and gave her slavegirl even more pain and suffering until she burst into tears.
Queensnake is ordered to stand above a horizontally placed tube padded with thumbtacks, legs apart and on tiptoe. Some thumbtacks also were poured around her feet to make her more uncomfortable. Then four electrodes were attached to her thighs to make her legs wriggle. Later a cattle prod were used to make her position more instable. Then Master tries to express his artistic inclination by shooting staples into Queensnake's beautiful muscular ass. The staples then get a beating by several whips and crops which is too much for Queensnake - she almost passes out. After she regains consciousness Master pulls the staples out using pliers.At the end Queensnake is allowed to perform a squirting orgasm.
Queensnake endures her hardest torment so far. She gets her big hypersensitive nipples pierced with half a dozen needles each - pushed through slowly and as painfully as possible. Then a violet wand is applied, electroshocking all over her skinny muscular body paying a special attention to the needled areas. Needless (lol) to say she screams a lot. Staple launchers rule the scene in this part - first Queensnake gets an appetizer, her belly, breast, armpits and pussy gets shot with staples from a few cms distance. Then those few cms disappear and Master starts shooting staples into her pussy lips sealing them together. When they are completely closed the violet wand appears again for some fine tuning. Queensnake then tries if her pussy is really water-tight - it turns out they are not really. Queensnake loves to pump her breast and pussy, regardless of being full of needles or not. This time the former is true, which causes some body fluids dripping and later flowing all over her body. Then she pulls the needles out from her nipples and while doing this she applies her favorite red miracle massager on her stapled clit reaching some orgasms. Finally she pulls the staples out with an eyebrow clip then pours some alcoholics on her massacred flesh.
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