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A devious anchoring mechanism helps Queensnake to keep her honey coated pussylips on the top of an enthill so the little devils can have easy access into her out-spread vaginal cavity.
Tanita's slimy gross out therapy boosted with some stinging nettles as an appetizer.
Did you know that mealworms are used for tequila-flavored novelty sweeties? People actually eat them like candy. Gross. Well, Queensnake knows a way kinkier use of them...
On a trip to the country Queensnake was ordered to step into an ant hill. She was such a scaredy-cat that she refused to obey. As a punishment she had to humiliate herself by taking a bath in a dirt road puddle and then using the muddy water to wash down the mud from her body, staying filthy and muddy smelling on the rest of the trip and on the way home.
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