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Uncensored, 66 minutes pure pain agony. Since Queensnake lost her nipple piercings she wanted some replacement, now she got them from Luna. More than she was prepared for.
Sharon's extended breast hanging session. First she got some needles in her nipples while hanging on them, then she had to hold herself hanged above an array of candles until she finally fell onto them.
Its Sharon's turn for a pussy marathon, but this time with stretched out outer lips for an easier access to the more sensitive inner areas.
In a beautiful little bay - lets call it Metayna - Queensnake pierces 10 medical needles through her perky nipples then treats her wounds by the crystal clear salty water of the sea.
Since Queensnake destroyed her Christmas tree she had to substitute for it or else those fragile glass ornaments would have been left in the box. Of course Queensnake doesn't have branches so she needed some other tools to hang up the trinkets: needles, and a big black safety pin. When all were attached Master took his faithful six-shooter nerfgun and started to blow up them one by one...
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